Wallpaper Hanging

Installing wallpaper is an easy and creative way to completely transform a room with stylish and complex patterns. With better designs and improved installation, wallpaper is having a second coming. From traditional wallpaper to fabric and vinyl wallcoverings, there is wallpaper for every space.

Whether you’ve already picked out a design you love, or you need help selecting something special, we can help. From sourcing premium papers, to ensuring you order the correct number of rolls, our team can take care of it. Please consider the fact that your wallpaper may be extremely expensive, so it would make sense to get it right first time.

A complete papering service, which includes, removing old wallpaper and any rough paint that is sometime lurking beneath, filling and sanding as well as the hanging of your chosen wallpaper. We can tackle annoying wall angles etc. You can leave the hard work to us and come home to find perfectly hung paper, no mess, disruption or rubbish.

As for the paint, so the wallpaper, there are many types of them has its advantages and disadvantages. However, properly chosen, with the original model and texture, allow you to get the perfect effect, which cannot be achieved by applying paint. More fashionable is to combine, in the same room wallpaper on one wall and painting on the other in properly selected colour. We are also specialists in this method of interior design. We pay great attention to the quality and aesthetics of our work. All wallpaper hanging is performed very reliably, securely with extraordinary attention to detail.

Whether you want to spruce up your property or go for a completely new look, our team has you covered. Why not to give us a call!